The Benefits Of Root Vegetables


I am obsessed with root veggies this autumn (I mean... really I’m always obsessed.) It’s because they are like natures candy! So delicious, sweet, warming, and calming. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and life feels hectic, I turn to these healing foods to help bring me back to earth. They are filled with vitamins that help to boost your immune system and keep stress at bay. They are also literally grown in the earth which, energetically speaking, is incredibly grounding.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, try rounding up a bunch of different root veggies in a rainbow of colors, cut in chunks, toss in olive or coconut oil with fresh herbs, and roast at 400° until tender (40-50 min.) This dish is amazing as a side, or a main dish when served on a bed of quinoa. Perfect for a crisp autumnal evening. 👍

Melanie Thomas